Who does not want free products in exchange for a reliable and honest review? Well, there are a lot of blog posts out there that explain ways to get free products. The truth is that in the end, I didn’t know what was the better way, so I started to try the best options for me and I could find some that can work for you as well.

The first choice is Inluenster, it’s a platform where you can search for reviews, offers, give your reviews and get free products, such as makeup, hair products, skincare, and now on food, works with points, basically what you have to do is connect all your social media (Instagram, Facebook, Blog, Pinterest) to get more score, answer the ‘’snaps’’ that are short surveys about the product you have used and watch out your mail for the invitation to the campaigns in this case VoBoxes. Also has an app for iOS and Android.

Physicians Formula

Here is the link, if you would like to subscribe, that will give some points to me, thank you!


BzzAgent, another platform, to buy free products, but here you have to register through the website, answer their surveys so that they know your interests, then they will invite you to a campaign, you have to pay attention to your email because the of the response time, if you are selected for the campaign, you will have to confirm your address, and they will send you the product. When you receive the product, you will have to post your review on their social networks.


L’oreal Concealer

Social Native is a platform where you can get free products and be remunerated for other kinds of campaigns, like posting content on your social media about a specific theme, you have to have a Facebook Page, and a Business Instagram account, like Bzzagent, you have to register on the website and stay tuned in your mail for the invitation to the campaigns, you have to be fast because the time to respond is short.

Pinterest Pin

Smiley 360, it’s the last platform that I’ve been using, it’s easy you can find it funny, it’s pretty like Influenster, you register on the website and complete tasks. When you take the surveys and you get selected for a campaign you will have to confirm your address, they will send you the product and then you will have missions like to share your feedback on your social media, tell your friends and take good and quality photos. 


There are platforms that I use to get real and quality products. If you know another useful platform please let me know in the comments, and if you have used these please tell me your experiences with the products that you got. 


All the best,

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