About me

Hey there!

I am happy to see you here, my name is Lisyet, but you can call me Lis.

I was born in Colombia, a beautiful country in South America, I moved out to the United States in 2017, there I began my journey through this incredible country, don’t get me wrong, I love my country of origin especially for my family and friends, who still live there, for the landscapes and beautiful places, but in the United States I rediscovered everything about who I am, what I love to do and what I am capable of.

I like photography, traveling, knowing new places, new cultures, enriching my knowledge, and learning new things. My passion is books and writing and I hope one day to write my own book.

I am an entrepreneur who likes social media and digital marketing, a book blogger, and now a millennial mom of a beautiful girl. Thatยดs why I am here to share my thoughts and experience about what I love, especially about literature, and why not, get to know your opinion and be friends.

All the best,